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Northtern Jugendstil Greetings

As any art spectator, I have my own love list and I feel closer to some styles more than others.

Possibly my biggest crush so far has been Art Nouveau, known under many other names according to the place it manifested itself: Jugendstil, Glasgow style, Liberty, Modernisme or Vienna secession. Below a few photos from Helsinki, Finland.

Dating back to the late 19th century towards the beginning of the 20th century, Art Nouveau has been a rather short-lived art manifesto but it left a legacy that is so vast and varied that is hard to grasp in just a few lines and photos. Instead, it makes for a very special art trail and the discoveries are as revealing as they are joyful for the fans out there.

Amongst Europe’s most creative Jugendstil centres is Helsinki, Finland. I’m lucky enough to live here and in the past year I have been spending a fair amount of time staring at buildings’ facades while walking around the old town. I can assure you – it’s definitely a sight worth staring at!

The Art Nouveau / Jugendstil here up North differs  quite a lot from the typical organic style of Victor Horta in Belgium, or Mucha’s gracious and almost in-movement posters. But I do find the style here to be slightly resembling Antoni Gaudi’s works in Barcelona – a similar fairytale, magic gingerbread house look. Some buildings have a bit of a mysterious, even a tad dark & gloomy Northern feeling, but they are equally evoking and fascinating.

More discoveries to come for all Art Nouveau admirers and friends. 🙂

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