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Hvitträsk, a most magical Art Nouveau hideaway

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have a guided tour of Hvitträsk, the residence and workplace of Eliel Saarinen, one of Finland’s most well-known architects.

Saarinen designed and built the place together with his fellow artists and architects Herman Gesellius and Armas Lindgren between 1901 and 1903. So Hvitträsk is not just one house, but comprises three houses as each architect got to design his own.

The guided tour of Saarinen’s place was probably the best museum story-telling I ever experienced so far. Marked by so many interior decoration design and historical details and fun facts, our guide’s story really brought the house back to life. You could imagine Saarinen’s lifestyle and artsy parties in a beautifully-designed and at the same time so cosy Art-Nouveau residence.

I truly recommend a visit there to experience the place and it is definitely worthwhile to book a guided tour in advance.

There is also a restaurant and sauna that you can rent for parties or get-togethers and the views of the nearby lake Vitträsk are breathtaking.

Hvitträsk is located in Kirkkonummi, near Helsinki, Finland. Museum is open Wed-Sun 11 am – 5 pm. Note that in January and February 2016 the museum will be closed, so you’d better hurry if you want to see it soon!

See more about guided tours and other details on Hvitträsk’s webpage. À bientôt!


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