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Moving Art – Heather Hansen

Lately I have become increasingly interested in the relationship between visual art and kinetics, a topic that I have been researching for some time.

It is not only the relationship between the two, but also the result of this fusion that particularly fascinates me. So today I wanted to share with you a truly inspiring artist whose very movements on paper gradually become visual works of art.

Heather Hansen is a contemporary performance artist and dancer from New Orleans. Her graceful movements mark the paper with charcoal, gradually building a beautiful diagram of her ritual dance. Her performance video Emptied Gestures beautifully illustrates her work:

Art is present throughout her creative process building onwards from the kinetics, the energy, and the ever-transforming canvas to the relationship between performance and audience. I find her work truly mesmerising and would love to experience her artwork live.

Some of her performance works are also featured on her website. Two of my favorite ones below.

HeatherHansen_SouthKoreaLivePerformanceWork_Aug2015EGSUWON1, 2015heatherhansen_prospect_creative_ochi_projects_Oct2015_NYCEGNY1, 2015

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