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The Truth Between Two Worlds Still from Three Sisters,  2015, video installation by Tanja Muravskaja b. 1978, Estonia. Work part of Kiasma Demonstrating Minds exhibition, 9.10.2015-20.3.2016, Helsinki

click here Two screens leaned towards each-other feature videos of two girls speaking in an installation by Estonian artist Tanja Muravskaja. From the first seconds of watching it becomes apparent that the speeches are polarizing, each an expression of a personal experience and understanding of  the war in Ukraine.

go site The two girls are cousins – one living in Kiev, Ukraine and the other in Belgorod, Russia, 40 km from the Ukrainian border. Their stories are framed in a one-way conversation, not to each-other but to the viewer, who gets caught in between two opposite views. Which one holds the truth? Or, better said, more truth?

Tanja Muravskaja - Three Sisters 2015_still1

Still from Three Sisters,  2015, video installation by Tanja Muravskaja

Tanja Muravskaja - Three Sisters 2015_still2

Still from Three Sisters,  2015, video installation by Tanja Muravskaja

Even though they are firm believers in the political system they are (or strive to be) part of, both girls acknowledge the tragedy that in the large scale of things we often forget to remember: political conflicts impact individual lives, disrupt families, foster hurtful judgement and sometimes place the belief in the system over the belief in humanity.

The name of the installation, Three Sisters,  stands for the enduring family bond between the cousins and a “third sister”: the artist herself as a mediator and facilitator who advocates for peace and understanding each-others’ differences  through open communication.

Three Sisters is on view through 20th of March 2016 as part of Demonstrating  Minds – Disagreements in Contemporary Art exhibition at Kiasma, Helsinki.


Watch Tanja Muravskaja’s own insight on this work in a video produced by Kiasma:

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