About The Art Trail

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I’m Alexandra Marila and I love writing about art, culture & design. Most of my work¬†can be found on HKI Art Guide, the¬†media channel for art in Helsinki area.

My personal blog – The Art Trail – was born from the discovery of arts as lenses through which we see the world.¬†There are as many lenses as there are works of art. This vast sea of perspectives that reflect social, political and cultural realities, sur-realities or purely magical worlds absolutely fascinates me. I completely believe in what Marina Abramovińá once stated: Artists are¬†the oxygen of society.

This blog is dedicated to exploring, treasuring and promoting the worlds of art, culture, design and architecture, as well as their common ground. The posts are sprinkled with my own personal thoughts, my favorites and Рat times Рmy experience of working every day immersed in art.

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