Interior and Inner Space

It’s been an intense period of time with plenty of exciting and thrilling work, so I haven’t managed to take a full weekend off in a couple of months. This one though was reserved for a break. And a catch of breath. Always and without delay, every time I slow down I think about space. Physical space and mental […]

Bring The Sun And Forest Indoors – Finom Lights

Design has always captivated me for its close relationship with artistic craftsmanship. It is the story of the craft and the idea that stands behind it that sparks my imagination whenever I find a masterfully designed piece. Even though we live in the era of mass consumption, in the past few years I have seen […]

Hvitträsk, a most magical Art Nouveau hideaway

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have a guided tour of Hvitträsk, the residence and workplace of Eliel Saarinen, one of Finland’s most well-known architects. Saarinen designed and built the place together with his fellow artists and architects Herman Gesellius and Armas Lindgren between 1901 and 1903. So Hvitträsk is not just one house, […]